Hello there.

I see you have stumbled upon my humble website. My name is Eirik Murbraech and I am an Environment Artist from Norway.

In 2018 I got the opportunity to work for Expanse, an animation study based in Oslo, as a 3D artist. I created assets and props the was required and assisted in small pipeline developments.

In 2017 my team and I won the People's Choice Award at the Level Up Showcase for our game Unspokin.

The same year I completed my Bachelor Degree in Game Design at Sheridan. 

I believe in creating a space that is peaceful, harmonious and balanced. I believe a space should bring forth feelings, like excitement, passion, despair, grief, joy, love. 

I have traveled to see different parts of the world to meet new people and experience their culture, which to me, serve as the best reference one can have, in games and in life.





Winning the Peoples Choice Award