Role: Environment Artist and Level Designer
Duration: 7 months
Genre: Trust-based relationship adventure
Studio: 5 Horsemen Games 

During my final year at Sheridan College in the Bachelor of Game Design program my team, 5 Horsemen Games, consisting of four fellow classmates and I created Unspokin.

Unspokin is a trust-based relationship puzzle adventure game, where you befriend a companion in order to save the world from deforestation. It is available for free on

As an Environment Artist I was responsible to create all the vegetation and natural assets for the game. This included trees, ground cover, bushes and rocks. I also sculpted and painted the terrain. Software used was Maya, SpeedTree, Substance Designer and Painter and Agisoft Photoscan. I did not create any of the architectural assets such as ruins, bridges, buildings etc. I was also the Level Artist and my responsibility included set-dressing, composition and framing that complimented the gameplay and achieved the desired mood and atmosphere set by the Art Director. You can check a more detailed breakdown on that here.

The rocks were made using photogrammetry where I would scan real rocks and roots and later make them game ready. I decided to create the texture from the scratch using a custom Substance material rather than using the more realistic texture that I got from the scan data. This made the assets fit better with the overall style of the game. 


Some of the textures from these assets